This tab has a referral mechanism whereby participants can share their registration with their friends and/or family. If this tab is selected, it also allows our system to track which participants registered as a result of a referral from their friend’s registration.

They can send emails to their friends OR they can post information to their Facebook wall.

Why not set a challenge for the person who refers the most people to register online to win a special prize. The email referral is tracked in the system to know who has referred the most people.

You can add additional text to the page, or just leave the text blank, and the standard referral text will be shown to the person after registration.

This is how the sharing section appears on the payment confirmation page.
- if you type nothing in the WYSIWYG editor text box, then nothing will appear in the second paragraph below. The first paragraph is set by default.

Image manager 

You can upload an image from your computer using this icon in the WYSIWYG editor.