The Cardholder Surcharge tab is where the Client selects whether they will be passing on any fees to the participant.

It is the discretion of the event organiser if they pass on the

- Payment Processing Fee

- Register Now Booking Fee (3%)

Payment Processing Fee: the DEFAULT option is the Participant will pay a payment processing  fee (0.6% - 2.2%) [current processing fees available here].

The amount is variable and dependent upon the payment instrument they choose to pay with. Clients do have the option to absorb this fee if they so desire.

Booking Fee: the DEFAULT option is that Clients pay the Booking Fee. 

Clients have the option to pass this onto end users as a separate booking fee

Clients choosing to do this must advertise their fees as: $X amount + booking fee. 

Absorbing the Booking Fee?

Passing on the Booking Fee?

Here is a picture of how the default looks: