Register Now has setup an integration API (link) with the fundraising platform everydayhero.
This allows registrants on the Register Now system to then easily create a fundraising page on everydayhero.
 It also allows the registrant to view their fundraising total on their Register Now summary page.

To set this up on your event, you will need to have your event fundraising page already setup with everydayhero (they can be contacted via or
 - Once this is done, contact Register Now and we will contact Everyday Hero to ask for the setup credentials to then link the two systems together.

Some screen grabs of what the integration looks like can be seen below...

When a participant registers they are asked if they wish to create a fundraising page.
If more than one charity is available, a drop down box will give them a choice.

After the person has paid their registration entry fee on Register Now, the confirmation page is shown to them.
- this includes a link to activate their page on Everyday Hero.
- when they click the link it will jump to the Everyday Hero website, with their basic details already filled in.


If they then view their participant summary page on Register Now, they will then see the details of the Everyday Hero fundraising page and their current totals.


For further details, please email