Creating an event or "event portfolio" as we prefer to call it, is a completely new proposition in the new portal.  

Your old and current events are feeding through from the old system but they are now known as “forms”.  Any changes made in the old system will be updated through to the new platform automatically.  There is no event wizard in the new portal yet, but this is coming soon.

The purpose of the “event portfolio” is to act as a parent or container for the life of your event.  This will give you an insightful snapshot of your event both financially and demographically year on year and help with your decision making as the event evolves.  

To be able to get the best insights and deep dive into your data you will need create an event portfolio or “parent event” which will hold all previous and current forms going forward (remember forms are your events in the old system).

 Go to the events tab of the new portal, click on the big green “add event” button.

First you will just need to add some high level information about your event.

Now that your event is created, you can go back in and add more details through the action cog highlighted below, this information will be what people see when your event is published to the event calendar on our new website - but more about that later...

When you are satisfied with the amount of detail in your event portfolio you will need to go back to the forms tab and add all of the old event forms and current one.

Once that is done, please set the existing form as the “current”:

Once you have set the current event, you will be able to publish it to the live site.  Option 1 is to do this from the action cog or within the event portfolio.  You will notice the green tick in the image below, this means that the event is set as the current event:

Or option two within the parent event portfolio:

The system will double check that you really want to do this!

Once you are published live you can easily update the URL, to reflect something more suitable for the life of you event, for instance, instead of:

I might change my URL to (if it is available)

Which is much easier for participants to remember! And you can retain the same event URL year on year for the life of your event which is very awesome!

To unpublish is just as easy… Just go to the action cog, within the event portfolio or next to the current event and you will see what was previously publish is now “unpublish”.