The event details tab contains the important details such as name, location, event type, website link and dates.

These details are very important for the setup of the event.

Event Name - the name of your event.
Location - the location of the event.
State/Town/City - the state/town/city where the event is being held.
Time Zone - the timezone used for the dates of the event. ( Drop down choice )
Event Type - Here you chose what best suits your registration type. Based on what you chose here the form will add or remove tabs based on what is required to be filled in for your form to work best. ( Drop down choice ) You will have the following options to chose from: Conference Registration, Donations, Event Ticketing, General Fees/Payment, Membership Fees, Membership Sales, Sport Event Registrations, Tuition Fees, Fundraising Only.
Sport - if you choose Membership Fees, Merchandise Sales or Sports Event Registrations as the Event Type, a secondary drop down box will be shown to you to select the Sport. You can choose N/A if this is not applicable. ( Drop down choice )
Event Website - the website of the event which people can view the event details.

Date Type - there are 3 options for the date type.
- Single Date - is when the event is held on 1 day. (After selecting this date type you will then be able to enter the date of your event in the Event Date box)
- Start Date and End Date - this is when the event is held on 2 or more days. ( After choosing this a start and stop date option will appear, use the start start to enter the first date the event is held on and the stop date to enter the last date the event is help on.
- Non Date Range - if either of the above 2 do not apply. (Choosing this option will then give you the option to put in a Display Date - this is optional)
Age Calculation Date - this is used to calculate the age of the person. Some sports events may be on a certain date, but the age is based on some other time in the season - eg 31/12/18 So use this box to set the age calculation date which is normally the same as the event date. You can also leave this empty if not applicable.