The participant fields tab shows the default fields that are shown to the person such as address, phone, date of birth and gender details.

Most of the fields are optional, so you decide what is shown to the person registering.

You are also able to set the default State / Province / County that will appear when participants register.
  - this is a particularly useful time saving option if you know that the majority of participants will be coming from a certain area.

The Medical and Emergency contact details sections were added to our system in February 2016. It is preferable to use these sections instead of using Participant Questions.

 - the 2 sections are pre formatted in the following ways.

Please Note: the "Country" choice is shown by default on all registration pages.
 - if you do not want to show the "Country" box, therefore only allow people to enter in your default country, then please email us and we can turn off the "Country" box. 
It is preferable to show the Country selection as this assists in formatting options for the address and phone number selections of those registering.