Do you wish to allow participants to edit or change their registration once completed? A cut off date and time can be set for changes.

The participant will be sent a registration confirmation email which includes a link for them to to view their own registration details.

If enabled, participants currently can only edit
- personal details including address, email and phone details but not their name or date of birth;
- participant questions; and
- team/group details including change, join or leave team if applicable.

Team Captains / Group Coordinators can
- view people within their team or group;
- re-send team registration email;
- change team name, join type and join password; and
- edit participants within their team.

By turning registration edit on, you will also allow participants to register and then go back into their registration and pay later. (Note: this will only be available until the date you set - generally we would recommend this to be the same as your registration closing date)