The team options tab is where you set the team composition and team pricing options.

You can have a minimum and maximum quantity of team members in a team.

A team fee can be a set price for the whole team, or each person can select an individual price. ( Event Category )

You can also set how the people can join the team, the options to join.
‌• Team Captain Choose ( from the 3 below )
‌• Private - all teams are private / closed.
‌• Public - anyone can join.
‌• Password - the captain sets a password for others to join.

You can allow incomplete teams, which would then allow 1 person to create the team and then others can join later.

Team Description

Team Fields

Number of Participants

You can define that a team can be incomplete, (even if private) meaning that people can join at a later date.

Team Roles

You can specify if the team has roles. In a triathlon the 3 roles of Swim / Ride / Run can be setup which then allows each person within the team to be allocated to a role.
If you choose to have team roles, you can then specify the heading and also the question they are asked next to the roles choices.

Once you have created the team, there is a roles button to then specify the roles for that team.


When you click the Roles button, you can then add the roles available to the team.

Entry Fee

Fixed = One price for the whole team.

Variable = Each team member selects a payment category. 

The entry fees are then set on the "Event Prices" tab.

Team Join Options

Optional Restrictions

Advanced Details

If you have set that the team captain chooses the event category, then the advanced section allows you to set what category that is.

‌• you would normally set up an event category that is applicable to the team.

• so in this section, select those options in the advanced details section.

Then dd or save the team details once adjustments have been made.