The Group Options tab is where you setup the entry options for Groups.

Groups are a collection of registrations which are participating together under the one organised group. As part of the event set-up, you specify a word for 'Group', so users may see the word 'Company' or 'Team' when using Group functionality. Groups can contain Individuals, Teams and Families and the Group coordinator can manage the registrations within the group, invite members to join the group, pay for registrations within the group, remove unwanted registrations from the group and more! Group coordinators do not have to be participants in the event. 

First of all you will define what you call "Groups". This might be called Group, Team, Organisation, Company etc.

We recommend that you do not use the term “Team” for your group label if you have Teams turned on for this event as your participants will likely be confused.

Payment Option

You can set if the groups will have the option to allow the group administrator to pay for all registrations. The Group Organiser can then override this option, but you can allow this as part of the group setup.
This is useful where a company may register their group details and thus the company will pay for all people who register in that group.

Group Join Options

You can set how the people are able to join a group. You can let the Group Administrator choose 1 of the 3 options or you can set that all groups are set as 1 of the 3 options.
- Public
- Private

- Password

To read up on the difference between groups and teams, check out our support article here