The participant questions tab is where you can add up to 20 questions to ask each participant as they register.


Please note: Register Now has updated the Participant Question functionality as of 7 September. If you have an event that is already open and taking registrations, please be aware of the implications of editing Participant Questions. Contact Register Now to discuss before making any changes.


Start by adding questions in the “Add Participant Question” section - see screenshot 1 below. 

See below screenshots for an example of how this is set up:


Screenshot 1: Adding a Participant Question 


First, decide which registration type you would like to filter the question for. The default is to show for All Participants however you can filter to only show for Individuals, Team Members or Family Members. 


Next, set the Number for the Question, this will determine the order of questions displayed on the page. You can only enter a number between 1 and 20. An important note here - once your registration form is open and taking entries it's important to NOT edit the Question numbers as this will affect where the answers are saved in the database. 


Then enter the Question itself in the Question field, followed by the Reports Label - which is the Heading that will be merged into the report when exported from the system. An example of a question would be “Do you wish to be added to our mailing list?” and the Reports Label could be “Email Opt-In”.


There are 6 types of responses available for the questions:

- Text Box - Single line text box; 

- Multiline text box - A text box with more than 1 line;

- Drop Down List - a set list of responses in a drop down list;

- Check Box - this is a single check box; 

- Check Box List - multiple check boxes, more than 1 response; &

- Radio Button List - multiple options, only 1 response.


For any answers where there are more than one option to select from, set your initial list of answers in the Answer List box and be sure to separate each answer with a semicolon ( ; ) to mark the end of one answer and the start of the next. After the initial set of answers are added, these can be edited via the “Answers” button in the Participant Questions summary table - see screenshot 2 below.

Screenshot 2: Editing Answer options and adding Sub-Questions


Each question can be required or not required to be answered - meaning you can have mandatory or optional questions.


(HANDY HINT: If you choose mandatory and find you are able to bypass the question while you are testing the form, try testing in a different browser to the one you created the event in. For more information on testing your event check out the following solution -


You can also add "Other" to some of the answer types. When registrants choose "Other", a text box is then shown and they respond with a typed answer.


There is also the ability to create secondary level questions based on specific answers being selected. This is only available to the answer types of Radio Button List and Check Box List. This will allow you to not only consolidate your questions,  but also provide a more tailored experience for your registrants based on the responses they provide. 

Screenshot 3: Adding/Editing Sub-Questions

See screenhot 4 below for how this presents on the front end.

Screenshot 4: Front end view of Participant Questions


Advanced Details (Click the down arrows to expand the Advanced Details section - see screenshot 5 below)


Category Dependency: You can also choose which event categories the question is shown to.

Simple un-tick the Yes box, the page will refresh to show all the categories for the event. Then select which categories the question will be shown to and the question will then be shown / hidden based on your selections.


Date Limitation: You can also set questions to only appear after or until a set date.  You only need to add a date if you specifically want to set a timeframe for the question, but most of the time you will not need to set a date.


Screenshot 5: Advanced Details

There are also some other features that the Register Now Administrators can add to your questions like specific validation of free text answers or additional sub-content/instructions/text under the Question as it appears on the front end. 


Just reach out to our friendly team to find out more! 

You can email us via or call us (AUS) 1800 734 669 / (NZ) 0800 734 669