These questions will be displayed once for each team/family (the team only has to answer the question once rather than each individual on the team answering the question). Team questions can be different for teams and families.

There are 6 types of responses available for the questions.
- Text Box - Single line text box.
- Multiline text box - A text box with more than 1 line.
- Drop Down List - a set list of responses in a drop down list.
- Check Box - this is a single check box. ( Yes / No )
- Check Box List - multiple check boxes, more than 1 response.
- Radio Button List - multiple options, only 1 response.

For each of the questions, they can be required or not required to be answered. Thus you can force a person to answer a question or have an optional response.

You can also add "Other" to some of the answer types. When they choose "Other", a text box is then shown and they type an answer.