If you wish to ask registrants for extra donations, you can set up the donation options here.

The name of the charity or purpose goes in the first box.

You can upload the charity logo if you have one.

A description text box is also shown which can include additional text and images as a call to action.
      - you can define this extra description text in the WYSIWYG editor.

You can also add in suggested amounts with a semicolon in between - eg 10;20;50

      - they are also shown an "Other" box to type any amount they choose.

This is then displayed to each participant like this -

The charity image is displayed in the first box relevant to who the donation is for. This is normally the logo of a charity. The text name of the donation recipient is also shown.

The extra description text you added is in the second box.

The preset choices are shown, then an Other box for any other value.

Donations are stored in the system as separate charge items and you can download a report with these donation amounts.

You can also elect to pay the donation funds direct to the charity if you wish (less our fees). Please contact us for further details.