The landing page is the first page of the registration process.

You can choose to skip this page if you wish, by selecting No in the first section.

If you select Yes, further options are shown.

Our system has an Instructions section on the first page of the registration process. You can enter information to be displayed using this tab.

Instruction Label

You can give a heading name to this section if you like, or leave it blank. 

You can add additional instructions that will be displayed on the first registration page. To not show this section, leave the landing page header name text blank and the text section blank.

The WYSIWYG editor on this tab allows you to use formatting (bold, colors, images, etc.) within the instructions section.

Image manager

You can upload an image from your computer using the icon circled below (mountain range and sun).
 - an image can be added in the landing page text area such as a course map, which they will then see on the first page of the registration.