The logo tab is where you upload the event logo that will appear at the top and bottom of each of the registration pages.

- the header logo is mandatory and must be added.

- the footer logo is optional and is not required.

The maximum logo size is 1170 x 260 pixels. If your image is bigger than this, it will automatically be re-sized down to that maximum size when you upload the logo.

Click on the browse button to search for a logo on your computer, then click next at the bottom of the page to move to the next tab. The logo will be saved when you move to the next tab.

Please Note - if you upload a new logo and replace an old logo, if you still see the old logo on the Logo tab, then you may need to refresh your page. (F5)

To further enhance your brand customisation in the system, you can also use the Theme Creator to include background images and colours, as well as make updates to your header and footer logos. For further information on our Theme Creator, please check out our support article HERE.