When a participant successfully registers, the system automatically sends a participant confirmation (and tax invoice email if they were making a payment)

You will need to specify the “From” email settings (display name and email address) for all emails sent by the system.
- this will normally be your organization name or the name of the event and your standard email address.

You can also choose to receive a BCC copy of all registration emails sent by the system.
- this will normally be a specific address of one person at your organization, or a registrations@.... email address for your organization.

*We strongly advise against relying on receiving BCC notification emails as the sole way of tracking registrations for your event and advise you to use the reports function on the My Accounts page to obtain accurate information regarding current registrations. 

Note: You are required to enter a contact telephone number for your event. On the public registration page, there is an event contact section for your website, email contact and phone contact details. This feature is important to allow people to contact you by telephone for event related inquiries. 

From time to time we also have people call us asking for your phone number contact and this is the phone number we will supply to the person.
By default, when creating a new event, the phone number is copied from your client contact phone number, therefore, if you wish to change the contact number for your event you can do so on the "Notifications Tab".

Your contact details are then displayed to the public on your registration page as pictured below.


Reports: https://registrationlogic.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/1000144080-downloading-reports

Contact Details: https://registrationlogic.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000072612-how-do-i-contact-the-event-organiser-