This feature was built in to the system a while ago and is not used much these days - or not for it's traditional purpose.

Essentially you can choose to display all the participant names on a public webpage. This allows the participants to view and confirm whether they have registered correctly. However in this day and age of sensitivity around personal information and privacy, most clients choose not to use this. 

In addition to the event registration information (Registration Type, Gender, Categorie) There are several optional fields that can be shown in addition to the standard fields
- display participant suburb
- display participant state
- display question 1. The result of question 1 is based on what you have setup on the “Participant Questions” tab.
- display Group Name / Group Admin Name, if you are using Groups.

- display Team details, if you are using teams, then the team Name, Description, Capt. and Role can be shown on the page.
- display membership number - if using membership number allocation for your membership page.

You can also restrict the number of records shown on the first page, and therefore reduce the page length.
- eg 20 or 50 per page.

The link/URL to the Participant List page is shown on the “Link” tab once the setup is complete.