Do you have event packs / race packs for your event?

Do you offer pickup or postage options for the pack?

Do you charge a fee for the event pack to be sent to the person?

Our system includes Event Pack options so you can specify the pickup / postage details for the pack and a specific postage charge and address for the pack.

Firstly, turn on the function, then give the event packs a name (this can be done from your right hand menu, through the Event Packs tab) -

You will also be given the option on how you would like Team packs managed. 

Then on the Event Pack Options tab, set the pickup / postage options.

As each participant registers, they will be shown the options you added and must select 1 option. If you set just 1 option it will display this and the participants will need to select this in order to progress to the next page of the registration flow. 

This allows you to set dates / times and therefore, pre-sort your race packs based on when people are going to pick them up.


If you offer postage for your event, you may also consider offering multi-pack postage. This feature allows multiple participants to have their packs sent out in one parcel if they're all being sent to the same address. You can stipulate the maximum number of packs that can be included in multi-pack and will set the price based on a 1 x pack postage against the multi-pack option. 

An example of this below, for one event pack to be posted this will cost $7.50, however to have anywhere between 2 and 5 packs sent out, this will cost $12.50:

In order to activate multi-pack, participants need to be registered and paid for within the same transaction. 

If you have Multi Packs turned on, this will limit the number of people who can be registered in a single transaction to the same numbers as the maximum number of participants in the multi pack.