The other options tab allows you to set 7 different items of the form setup. (see screenshot at bottom of page)

1. Do you want to allow people to pay for more than one registration in a single payment?

This turns on/off the "Add Another Registration" button on the financial summary page (screenshot below)

2. Do you want additional validation to ensure that suburbs and postcodes entered are a valid combination? 

Register Now maintains a database of postcodes and this validates the combination of State, Suburb and Postcode which improves data accuracy (especially if you are posting any items to participants). (Available in Australia only).

Register Now also have the ability to integrate and validate against the Australia Post and New Zealand Post databases via API however this is available at an extra cost. If you are interested in know more, reach out to 

3. Do you want to convert all Name and Address data captured into UPPER CASE?

Pretty self explanatory. Sorry... SELF EXPLANATORY

4. Do you want show navigation bar on registration pages?

This turns on/off the navigation bar on registration and summary pages (screenshot below)

5. Do you want to display information bar on registration pages?

This turns on/off the information bar on registration pages and summary pages (screenshot below)

6. Do you want to display Invoice Details on Payment page?

This turns on/off the Invoice Details section on the Payment page (note this information is auto filled from the registration flow) (screenshot below)

7. Turn On Google Tag Manager

Clients can now add Google Tag Manager (GTM) codes to registration forms themselves. If you are wanting to use Facebook Pixel or other tracking programs, you'll need to add them to your GTM account and then use the GTM code. 

NOTE: When adding the GTM code, you'll need to include the "GTM-" at the front. i.e. GTM-123XYZ