***Please note when you refund a participant this automatically withdraws them from the event. If you wish to issue a refund and have someone still participating in the event you must "Re-Enter" them.***

To refund a person who has registered and made a payment, there are multiple ways to refund them.
1 - by Participant Search in the left menu and Select a person.
2 - by Group / Team Search in the left menu and select the team details.

3 - by Payment Search in the left menu and select the payment details.

Scroll down to the bottom for information on Insufficient Funds Message.

Note: There are refund processing charges that apply. For further info, visit our pricing outlined HERE.

Option 1 - Participant Search

 - this is applicable when an individual person has registered and made payment, not a team payment.

In the Financial Summary section, click the "View Invoice" button in blue to take you to the Invoice page.

 - this may list 1 or more payments for the person.

On the Invoice Page, in the payments Received section, click the action cog for the payment you wish to refund, and click "Make a Refund"

This will take you to the Payment details page and click the "Refund" button at the bottom.

On the Refund page, tick the item or items you wish to refund under Select.

 - then type a number in the box of how much you wish to refund them.
Then click the Refund button.

A summary page will then show the amount to be refunded. Check the total amount and click the Confirm button.

You will then be returned to the payment details page and it will show the charges as Refunded.

Option 2 - Group/Team Search

 - this is applicable when a team has registered and made payment, not an individual person.

Click the "Group/Team Search" link in the left admin menu.
 - search for a team and then click the team name to view their team details.

 - then click the blue "View Invoice" button in the financial summary section.

Refer to the details as above (Option 1) to complete the refund.

Option 3 - Payment Search

 - this is the quickest option, if you know who the person is that made payment. The payment person is not always the same as the participant. 

Click the "Payment Search" link in the left admin menu.

 - then search for the payment and select the record.

 - then continue with the refund as per the refund details above.

Insufficient Funds Message

From now on, if you do not have event registration funds in your account, refunds will not be permitted and you will receive the red error message displayed above.

You have two options going forward to deal with this:

  1. You can wait until such time that you do have cleared funds in your account from registration income and then process the refund. 
    Registration income funds are cleared out on Monday's at 6pm ready for invoicing the next day (depending on your payment frequency this could be weekly, monthly or after the event) If it is your week to be paid you won't have funds to make a refund with until someone has registered after 6pm Monday night for one of your events ; or
  2. You can transfer the required funds through to Register Now and we will process the refunds on your behalf once the funds have cleared in our account - contact our friendly support team if you wish to proceed with this option: support@registernow.com.au

Partial Refunds & Re-Entering


If you have only partially refunded a participant, this will still withdraw them from the event.
Note: Make sure after a partial refund, you re-enter the participant so their details are still live in the event. 

Look for the Green Re-enter button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen: