This is where you can add an event "Series".

A series of events is common in sporting events, eg a series of 4 fun runs.

The event series is first setup and then each of the 4 events are linked to the series.
- the entrant is then given the option to enter the whole series, multiple events or one event.
 - this will save the entrant entering multiple times for a similar series of events. 


Pricing can be set for the whole series which is normally less than entering all the events individually.

 - a discount can also be setup if they enter multiple events, eg 3 of the 4.

This page is similar to the "My Registration Forms" page - Click Here 

For a visual walk through on how to set up a series have a look at this video -

Once your series and event form have been approved you will be able to run a test registration to make sure it works the way you intended.