Participant Search is a search facility that allows clients to find individual registrations, participants and their corresponding payments. Using the participant search, clients can edit records, delete incomplete records, and process refunds.

To access the participant search, click the ‘Participant Search’ link in the left menu.

Using Participant Search

1. Enter search criteria to help narrow down your search.

Optional Search Criteria

Event: You can search by all events or select a specific event from the drop down list.

First Name: First Name of a participant

Last Name: Last Name of a participant
Email: Email address of a participant
Registration Type: You can choose from All Types / Individual / Team / Family
Team Name: The name of the team. ( Note: if you have "Groups" setup, this is not the group / team name )
Status: You can choose All Statuses / Incomplete / Unpaid / Paid / Withdrawn / Refunded / Re-entered from the drop down list
Race Number: If you have already allocated race numbers for your event, you can search by race number.
Show empty participant records: Click the tick box if you want to include data where people have started, but not typed their details.

2. Click the Search Button and the results will be shown.
 - the "Select" button allows you to view / edit / refund a participant.

 - the "Payment" button will be shown for "Unpaid" people and allows you to make a payment for that person.
 - the "Delete" button allows you to delete an incomplete registration.

3. Click ‘Select’ for the individual record you wish to view / edit / refund.

Please Note - the following details may or may not be able to be seen by the registrant. Certain functions are shown to them based on the event options and editing status.

Participant Details
 - lists details about the participant, including the paid status of the person.
 - you can also click the "Send Access Registration Email" button to re-send the participant email to the person - for more information about this function click here.

Personal Details
 - this lists a summary of the personal details of the registrant.
 - to edit these details, click the Edit button at the right of the section.
 - you can then edit / save the details on the personal details edit page and then return to this page once complete. 

 - you may also see a "User" button on the right. This allows you to view the user details of the registrant.

Event Questions
the event questions section shows the questions and answers for the registrant.
to edit these details, click the Edit button at the right of the section.
 - you can then edit / save the details on the questions edit page and then return to this page once complete.

Financial Summary

 - lists the charges the person has paid for. This will normally be the Payment Category and any optional items and donations.
 - if the payment is "Paid" the View Invoice button will be shown and you can view the invoice / payments made.
 - if the payment status is "Unpaid" you can click the "Make Payment" button to go to the payment page and make a payment.

 - the "Add Optional Items" button allows you to add more optional items if they exist on the event setup.

Record Update History

 - this shows when the person first registered. If the details have been updated, it will show you who updated the information and the updated date.

Admin link takes you back to the Participant Search page. ( Clients Only )

Team Summary
link takes you to the team details page, only visible if the person is in a team. ( Clients and Team Captains )

Group Summary link takes you to the group details page, only visible if the person is in a group. ( Clients and Group Captains )

Resend Registration Email
button will send the participant email to the email address of the registrant. This is useful if they typed their email address or other details wrong. After editing and saving the record you can then send a new email to them with updated information.

Change Event
button allows you to change the person into a different event. ( Clients Only )

Withdraw from this event / Re-enter Button
You can withdraw a person from the event by clicking this button. This will change their status from “Paid” to “Withdrawn”.
Please note – this does not refund the person.
You can “Re-enter” a person after they have been withdrawn if required. ( Client Only )

Refund - if you wish to refund the person, click the blue "View Invoice" button to view the invoice and then refund a payment.
OR use the "Payment Search" function in the left admin menu and search for a payment.