There are 2 powerful functions in the system for individuals and teams to view their invoice and make payment. In the past it was assumed that the person would register and make payment at the same time. This no longer seems to be the standard with many people expecting to register now and pay later, especially in a team join scenario. This also allows the team captain to pay for multiple people at once by selecting all those that are unpaid and pay for them.

On the Participant Summary and Team Summary pages, there are 2 buttons next to the Financial Summary section.

The View Invoice button goes to a new page which is a breakdown of all the charges / payments applicable to the participant or team. This page is formatted like an invoice from the client, and contains the client contact details as well as the event details on the invoice. There are panels down the bottom that can be expanded to reveal more detailed information. The person can view details of the invoice, and you as the client can look at various charge / payment data for that person or team.

The Make Payment button allows the participant to make payment for any unpaid charges. The button will be disabled if there are no charges to be paid for, or if they have not met certain criteria. eg. if it is a fixed team of 2 but there are not details for 2 people then the button will not be enabled. This allows the person to make payment for any unpaid charges on their registration for either an individual or team entry.

The View Invoice in compacted view looks something like this-

The View Invoice in expanded view looks something like this -