Team Roles can be setup to ask each member of the team what role they are competing in.

Lets take a triathlon for example with 3 people in the team and 3 roles - Swim / Ride / Run.

On the "Team Options" tab of the event setup wizard you can setup the details for each team type.
 - there is section to specify if team roles are to be used.

Once you save the team details, look for the "Roles" button next to the team type.


Click this button to define the roles for this team type.

 - then add each of the set roles for the team.

The roles are then defined for this team and they have the choice of the 3 when they register in the team.

On the public participant page, they will be asked which role they are competing in.

 - they are then required to select 1 of the 3 options.

 - as each team member registers, they will only be shown the remaining spots available.

Once people have registered, the team captain can view the roles within the team and change them.

 - on the Team Summary page they are shown a button to manage roles.


When they click the button they are shown the people in each role.
 - they can then swap around the people within their team.

The summary section then shows all people within their team and the roles participating.