You can search for Teams or Groups or Families by clicking "Group/Team Search" in the left admin menu.

1. To search for a Team or Group or Family, enter your search criteria into the appropriate fields. 

 * Note: you are able to filter the results by registration type, status and form ID.

2. To view the Group or Team select the name in blue in the search results.

3. To delete a team or group, click the Delete button.

4. From this page you can view all group / team members and perform actions / view details for the team.
- Send Access Registration Email - will send the original team / group created email to the team captain.
 - Edit Button - allows you to edit the team / group details and join settings / password etc.

The Team Members section shows those registered in the Group / Team.
 - This shows the status of each person in the group / team and an action cog for each person (this person is currently unpaid).

 - Invite Button - allows you or the team captain to send email invites for people to join the group / team.
 - Add Team Member - goes to the participant details to add a new person.

 - Add Captain button - is only shown if the captain is not part of the team already, and goes to the participant details page to add a new person.

- Edit Team Member - allows you to edit an existing person. 

- Delete Participant - Allows you to delete the unpaid registration from the team. 

The financial summary section shows a summary of all charges for the group / team.
 - Those of a similar type are grouped together.

- Add optional items - will allow you to add optional items / merchandise to your registration. 

 - View Invoice shows the details of payments so far, and you can also refund from that page.

 - Make Payment - will allow you to make payment for any unpaid items.