To search for a payment, click "Payment Search" in the Admin Menu (left hand side of page).

This search page allows you to search for payments made on your event.
Please Note: the payment contact is not always the same name as the participant. ( eg Parent / Child )

Search options that can be entered include:

When you search for payments, the results are shown to you.

 - you can then "Select" the payment to view / edit details and process a refund if required.

You can also export the search results to an excel file if required.


When you select the payment details, you will go to a summary page for the payment.
 - Edit Contact Details - use this to edit their payment details - eg they typed their email incorrectly. 

If you click on the participant name, this will go to the participant details page so you can view details.

Refund - click this button to process a refund. (This does not automatically process the refund - it takes you to the next page to select which charges you are refunding and how much to refund).

Resend Invoice - will send the Approved Payment email to the Payment Contact. (eg after you have corrected their email address above.)

If the refund button is not shown, then the event is either closed, and therefore refunds not available OR the payment was too far in the past and the card has expired or no longer available to be refunded to.