Membership Lists exist in the Admin Menu (left hand side of the page). 

This section allows you to upload a Membership list. You may use a membership list to (1) validate a Membership Price, (2) validate a Membership Discount or (3) Validate if the participant is required to pay a Day License.

First click on the Add List button, then give the list a name, description and click save.

Note: The Sport selection must match the sport category selection on the Event Details page of the Registration form.

Then upload an excel file with the details of the members. Make sure you read the instructions carefully. 

Note: When formatting the Date of Birth in Excel, ensure that the format is DD/MM/YYY - which means that 1 January 1980 would be 01/01/1980, including the leading zero (0).

*** Please Note - the 4 column headings must be named exactly as per the example information.


Membership lists can now be edited for better management! Go to the membership list tab in the Admin menu and select edit:

Next you will see the members on your list, from here you can edit, delete or add individual records as needed: