This is where you can view / print your weekly EFT summary and view / print your Invoices. Your EFT Payments are the actual payments made by Register Now to you and can be just one invoice or made up of several invoices. Within each event, on the the Event Details tab, you can select to group invoices for that event with the rest of your invoices or have it sent as it's own EFT payment.

Display EFT Payments
Click the ‘Display EFT Payments’ link in the Admin (left) menu.

1. Find an EFT Summary that you wish to view, click the ‘View’ button. 

    - Opens in Pop up - please ensure you allow pop-ups on your browser.

2. View EFT Summary

The EFT summary opens in a new window and shows your banked summary for the latest period and invoice breakdown.
To view the invoice for each form ID, click the invoice number on the left. This will then open the invoice in a new window.

To print or save either the EFT Summary or the Invoice there are 2 buttons at the bottom.

3. View Invoice

If you click the invoice number on the left of the EFT summary, the invoice for that form ID will open in a new window. You can view the various details for that individual invoice including the different payments made online and the fees charged by us.

You can click on the hyperlink in the payments section for more detailed information of each payment. By clicking the amount next to Total Payments Collected for Period , you can download a file of the payments included in that invoice. This is a valuable tool in matching exact payments within that invoice to the database records. For more information on Invoices, see the Display Invoices solution:

Invoicing Process
The system automatically generates invoices for each of your events. The default when you first sign up as a Client is for these to be paid "After the Event". You may choose to change this to monthly if you wish - this can be requested in the Bank Details section under Account details in the New Portal. Alternatively each event can have it's own setting - contact Register Now if you want to change a specific event. An invoice is generated based on your preference and only if there has been activity on an event within that time period. 

- The "month" occurs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, with payments being made on the first Wednesday of the next month

- "After Event" will automatically occur on the next invoice day (Wednesday) after the event has occurred based on Event Date.

When your EFT summary and Invoices are generated, you will receive an automated email from the system advising you that your EFT summary is available. This will normally occur on a Wednesday.

The “EFT Summary” amount listed corresponds to the actual amount transferred to your bank account.