You can format the email text that is being sent in a custom registration email or a newsletter email being sent to participants.

Email Types

Newsletter - is for sending a newsletter style email not specific to any one single event. It has a standard email footer with your client details and an unsubscribe link. If an individual unsubscribes they will not be sent future newsletter emails.

The "Default Newsletter" is a HTML template for a newsletter style email that we have made available for you to use. It will always be displayed and to use it you simply need to click on the copy button and then edit the text / images in the new newsletter email created.

Note - you are responsible for complying with anti-spam legislation, in sending out emails to your registrants through our system. We will store and retain all information regarding who sent emails including client details, user details and IP addresses.

Approved Payment / Participant Emails - are custom emails that have been setup for your event when a person makes payment.
Note - all event related emails are available for preview in the Email Templates tab in the Event Edit section.

Preview Email / Send Test

By clicking the Preview button in the event list, a new browser tab or window will open with a full preview of what the email template looks like.

From this screen you are then able to click the Send Test Email button at the top of the page and you will be prompted to enter a test email address to send the email to. The email with then be sent to the email address you specified as a test so you can see what it looks like.

You can either search for an existing email template or add a new email template.

Edit - opens a new page to edit the email template.

Preview - opens a preview screen of the email template. You can also send yourself a test email from that screen.

Copy - copies the existing template as a new email template.

Delete - deletes the email template.

Once the email template is open to edit, the attributes box shows you information about your email.
- Description is the name that you identify the email by. (not shown to recipients)

 - Subject is the subject line of the email when sent.

Then in the lower section, add in your text, images and links etc using the WYSIWYG editor.

Once you have saved all the details in the email template, you can then send a bulk email using the Send Bulk Email function.