This is where you can trigger a bulk email to be sent to your registrants.

The cost to send the bulk emails is included in our standard registration fees and is therefore offered to you FREE of charge!

Admin Menu

Where to find it

The left Admin Menu has 2 links.
- Email Templates
- Send Bulk Email

The first step in the process is to set up an email in the Email Templates section.

Once you have created one or more Email Templates, you can then click on Send Bulk Email to select who you wish to send the email to and which email template to send.

You can set up as many different emails as you like.

Send Email

Once an email template has been setup you are then able to send a bulk email.

When you click on "Send Bulk Email" in the left menu, you will see this page.

Select the email template you would like to use (only 1) and then click continue.

Select Recipients

This page allows you to select who the email will be sent to.

Select which Form ID(s) you wish the system to select recipients from. You can select more than one Form ID.

You can also filter who the email is sent to - Participants, Team / Family Captains or both.

You can also filter to select paid; unpaid; and/or refunded participants. Please note these filters apply to Participants only (not Team Captains).

The system allows you to specify whether or not duplicate emails should be removed. We strongly advise that you select to remove duplicate emails to save people receiving the email more than once. However, if you are sending information that needs to be sent once for each unique participant registered then you may want to select the ‘Do no remove duplicate emails’ option.

Click Continue to go to the next page.

Confirm Send

You need to be aware of the Anti-Spam Legislation in your country in regards to sending a bulk quantity of emails. It is your responsibility to comply with this legislation.

A summary of the recipients will be displayed for you.

The Edit Recipients button enables you to view all of the recipients at this point and you can delete or add more recipients.  Please see further detail below.

You can send the email from either the logged in username or from the client name.

Tick the tick box to acknowledge and then click the "Confirm Send" button.

When you hit the "Confirm Send" button a message will appear saying how many emails have been queued for sending. The emails are sent at an approximate rate of 15 each 10 seconds. If other clients are also sending emails, they all sit in the bulk queue to be sent out in order. 

Editing Recipients

After clicking the Edit Recipients button you will see the page below that contains the individual names and email addresses of each recipient. You can search for an individual recipient using the search filters.

To add a recipient, fill in the 3 boxes and click the "Add Recipient" button. You can add as many individual recipients as you wish.

Once done, click the "Back to Bulk Email Send" button at the top.

We hope this will assist you in using our Bulk Email facility. There are also the blue help icons on each page which will display further information to assist you along the way.

We believe this is a valuable part of our standard software and trust that you will benefit from this valuable communication tool.