The Charge Item report contains each of the charge items for the participants. This includes registration fees, donations, merchandise, included items ect.

More details included in the report can be found in the below list.

Understanding the data in the report

If a person has paid $50 for their registration fee and buys a T-Shirt for $30 then that is 2 charges for that person. These charges will appear in 2 separate rows, one right after the other and not in the same row - see below image for example. 

This report is customisable, you can customise this report to include only certain charge types - EG Merchandise only. 

To learn how to customise a report, click here: 

Note: If you have added Registration Add-on Custom Text, you can customise this report to show 'Custom Text' field which will show the answer each participant has given. An example this is prominently used for is event organisers asking their participants what they would like their bib to say.