On the My  Registration Forms page there is a "Manage" button to manage the details of your event. These functions are generally used closer to your event day, with the exception of Promotion Codes.

The Manage Event page has the following options*

- People - goes to Participant Search page.
- Teams/Groups - goes to the Team / Group Search page.  

- Race Numbers - allows you to setup the race numbering options for your event and allocate numbers in the system.  More Details - Click Here
- eTickets - allows you to setup the eTicket configuration for your event, that are then sent to the event registrants.  More Details - Click Here

- Import Participants - allows you to import a file of participant data and upload on to your event. More Details - Click Here

- Promotion Codes - allows you to setup a discount for those that have a special code. More Details - Click Here

*Some may or may not appear based on your event setup