The Participant Summary page shows all your registration details for the event.

There are various sections on the page as relevant to the event setup.

Next to each section may be an edit button if you are allowed to edit the details previously entered.

If you cannot make the changes yourself, then please contact the event organiser to make changes.

The status section at the top shows your participant ID number and the status details.
 - you can re-send the registration email to yourself if required.

Group / Team /Family Details: If you are a member of a Group, Team or Family then this information will be summarised at the top of the page. If you are not a member of a Group or Team you can click on the Join Team button and search for a team.

The personal details section is your standard name / address details.
- you may be able to edit the details if the edit button is shown.
- you cannot change your name and date or birth, so please contact the event organiser if you need to change those.

The event category section shows what you have registered / paid for.
 - you may be able to edit your choice if edit is allowed.

The Event questions section shows the answers to the questions.
- you may be able to edit your answers if edit is allowed.

The financial summary section shows the charge items you have paid for.
- you can add more optional items or edit existing items (if that is allowed)
- you can view the invoice details for your payment made if required.