There are several different methods that Clients' can follow to assist participants in accessing their registrations:

1. If you bring up a participants registration, via a participant search, you can easily resend them a registration access link. This will send them a direct link via email which they can use to jump straight back into their rego. Please note, as these links are used to access personal data, they will time out after about 20 minutes:

2. Simply copy it from the ‘Links’ page in the back end of your event setup, i.e. the same place that your registration link is displayed, pssst this is the very last tab of the event setup wizard… or you can click on the link button from your “my accounts” page!

A Handy Tip: Add the link to your event marketing comms so that participants can quickly and easily get back to manage their team, individual or family registration, they’ll love you for it!

This link will allow them to access their registration through a number of different options: 

If the participant has previously linked up their social accounts (Facebook, Google or Strava), they can access via selecting any of these options. 

Alternatively, if they select Access with Email or Access with Mobile, they can enter the details as listed on their registration to receive a 5 digit verification code and jump back into their registration. 

By the way, if you're wondering, it doesn't matter if they do or don't have an account with us. 

AND just to be completely clear, participants will not automatically be allocated a username and password when they register through the system - this only happens when they sign up - see below.

If the participant does have a Register Now account, they can access their existing registration by logging in: 

Otherwise, they can choose to create a Register Now user account so they log in and see their registration dashboard whenever they like. 

The third option is that registrants can "Create their own Register Now account" – provided that they use the same credentials (Name / Email / D.O.B / Mobile) as when they first registered, their new Register Now profile will match them back up with their event registration in the system.

You can then follow the steps above to log in from there!