This function sits within the Manage Section of your event. (My Accounts > Manage > Import Participants)

Please note: This function was originally developed as a way for an event organiser to import on the way entries in to an event after the event has occured, so that all the data is reliably stored for future use.  For this reason the functionality is limited. 

When you are importing participants, it is critical that you have clean, accurate data to begin with. 

Some key points to check prior to uploading:

1.  Ensure that your column headers match the template exact (or as listed below) - You can also choose to download a sample template if you are unsure of how to go about setting this up. (Strongly recommended)

2. Double (and triple check) that any Categories (event categories, sub categories & award categories) being used are matched EXACTLY to the text in the registration form. (i.e. 10km is different to 10 km)

3. Please ensure you use the following format that included the leading zero ("0") 01/01/1980 (dd/mm/yyyy) for Date of Birth; this may need to be updated in Excel by formatting those cells

4. Once your list is uploaded, this cannot be reversed (so highly recommend a measure twice, cut once mentality). If you make a mistake, you do have the option to delete each Uploaded participant but this has to be done individually - not on bulk.

5. Once you have uploaded your file you will get a results file. Please download, review and save this. IN the far right column will be a success or Failure message. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any successful participants will be created, so before RE-ATTEMPING to import failed participants, make sure you delete the Successfully Created participants from your import file to avoid double ups.

Column Headings (row 1 of the upload file) MUST match the exact column names listed below:

*Please Note - Upload may take up to 5-10 minutes, depending on how much data you're trying to import.

Once your template is ready to go, you can upload the file by clicking to 'Manage' the relevant event, clicking 'Import Participants', scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to upload the file from there. 

When you upload the participants they will be marked as paid.