We are currently in the process of completely overhauling and improving the 'Teams' function in the Register Now platform.

The first change is improving the Invitation process for your participants. 

Invitations are now 'generic' at a Team level and not specific to a place on a team, this should alleviate some of the problems associated with invites "holding places" on the team and preventing other members from entering.

Current invites pending will not be affected but going forward "invited status" will gradually disappear as the new method takes over.

Team Link Sharing

It's now more straightforward! Each team now receives a dedicated 'Team Link' (much like the current group scenario) which can be shared not just via our system, but also wherever they want - email, social media, WhatsApp, internal network chats, etc giving registrants more flexibility to invite in a way that suits them.

Seem like a small change?

It may, but it's part of a much bigger picture that should make the entire team process far more simplified both for our clients and end users, plus your registrants will no longer get the pesky broken link message: