The theme creator function within the Register Now system allows for enhanced event brand customisation for your registration form. 

Clients have the freedom to update background images and colours, as well as the header and footer images and heading colours themselves, all in a dedicated preview environment. 

The event form instantly displays the client’s selected brand assets and/or colour theme in a preview - saving client time and improving the brand experience for registrants. 

The theme creator can be found within the admin menu: 

(Please note: the THEME button has replaced the PREVIEW option on your admin menu)

When selecting your theme colours, you can enter a hex number or simply type in a colour name. For Header and Footer Background Colours clients also have the option of setting excess space as transparent.

(HANDY TIPS: Colour Picker is a great tool to find the hex colour number you are after. This link is also available through the theme creator in the system. Another option which can be used as an extension in your Chrome browser is Colour Eye Dropper - this will allow you to bring in specific colours from images you are including)  

Clients can also  select an event image to utilise as their background or a solid colour as above:

Experiment with different event images and colours before selecting Publish Theme to push your new creation to live. 

Once you have created the perfect theme, you can choose to use this on additional forms in your client account, or create a unique version on each:


If you need some assistance with getting this set up on your form, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team.