Group and Team set ups within the system can sometimes cause confusion with what the difference is between the two, which option is better for what you're trying to achieve and more often than not, what you're referring to as a 'team' is actually better utilized as a group within the form set up. 

Let's break it down for you - the easiest way to think about the two different set ups is to imagine them as two separate levels of structure:

Groups sit at the top of the hierarchy, the head of the table. Groups are the overarching banner than creates a common ground for the registrants to sit under. Think of groups like your Triathlon Clubs, Sporting Clubs and Organisations. 

Within the system, the framework of a group is that there is no limit on number of registrants who can join, you cannot associate a registration fee and all three registration types (individual, team or family) can all be apart of a group. 

Without causing further head scratching, you can label groups to be called whatever fits best with your form set up - so whilst it may be a group set up, you could label this as teams if this fits better with your event branding.

Teams sit below, underneath the overarching banner (groups). Teams are made up of smaller numbers and in most cases each team member has a specific role to play (think triathlon team where you have one swimmer, one rider, one runner or a football team with their forwards, mids and backs). Teams allow you to set more parameters within the system such as minimum/ maximum participants, age and gender brackets and you can set pricing specific to teams. 

A good analogy to remember: 

The Register Now Football Club sits at the top (group) with our Men's, Women's & Junior teams all sitting underneath the one umbrella. 

If you are unsure which option fits best for what you're after, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team here.