Currently, Register Now offers a fundraising integration with the below platforms:

  • GrassRootz 
  • GoFundraise
  • MyCause 

If you are looking to include a fundraising integration as part of your registration flow, yourself as the client will need to create a direct relationship with the fundraising platform you choose, to build your campaign. We are more than happy to make introductions here, so if you are interested in chatting to someone specific, please let us know and we can link you up. 

Once you have your campaign ready to go, please request the fundraising platform send the campaigns integration details through to our team and we can get this set up on your form. 

There may be some tech talk needed here, so feel free to 'cc' in to the request so we can take over any questions if required. 

Now that we have your integration all linked up in your registration flow, you do have the opportunity to include a customized call to action. Feel free to send this text through to our team and we can include this for you, it will appear on your charity page similar to the below: 

Voila! Your charity integration is all set and now participants can easily begin their fundraising journey. 

To add even more simplicity for you, if the charity you have selected is a client of our system (or if happy to become one), we can direct donated funds directly to them!