Named Bibs refers to allowing your participant's to specify a name/nickname to have printed on their Race Bib in addition to a Race Number (which are used for timing and results).  

Event organisers can restrict which participants see this based on date, event category or event pack options. The restriction by event pack option allows organisers to shift to dynamic race number allocation onsite at events.

If all of this is way too confusing, or if you already have an event live with us and want to implement Named Bibs, do not hesitate to reach out to our team:  Contact Support here 

How the Named Bibs feature works: 

First Step - choose if you would like to use the Named Bibs feature or not:

Second Step - If Yes is selected, enter your custom name for Named Bibs: (just because we call it Named Bibs doesn't mean you have to!

Third Step - Complete the call to action wording you would like for your participants to see.
There is also an option to include a description or even include an image / design of the bib

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Fourth Step - Expand and update Advanced Details (if applicable).

You can restrict using the following:

  • Event From / To Dates: We recommend strict cut off dates apply for this feature to allow you to manage timelines and printing & distribution deadlines.
  • Categories: If you only wanted to offer this customisation to certain categories
  • Registration Types: If you wanted to restrict to various registration types (Individual / Teams / Families)
  • Event Pack Options: This is a BIG one. This allows to specify and restrict Named Bibs to only be available for a specific event pack option (super helpful for ensuring Named Bibs are only available to those being posted so you are not searching for a specific bib for someone during on site pick up!) 

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The image below is how the screen is presented to the participant registering:

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Named bibs is available in Participant Reports (both Classic Portal and New Portal), providing it has been enabled for your form.