Day Licences allow you to automatically add an extra charge if the registrant is not a member of a certain association (e.g. Insurance fee).

This option is used to ask each registrant if they are a member of an association and/or input their membership number and/or check if they are on the membership list. When this option is used, the system will automatically add a Day Licence charge item to the payment amount if the registrant is NOT a valid member.

The membership number can be a simple set of characters (e.g. 4) or check against a membership list that you upload, or check against a previous registration on another form ID on our system.

Day Licence Fields

This is where you set the question that the person is asked.


Minimum Age

The Day Licence tab of the event wizard can be used to restrict participants from entering an event.

 - you may require a person to be a certain age to register, or require that all registrants must have a membership / affiliation fo a certain type.

You can set a minimum age for participants entering your event. If they are below that age is will display a message. You can also provide them with a link to click on for more information or the option to purchase the required membership.

You can also use it to perform a membership check and thus check every person as they register. Set the minimum age as 99 and thus all people will be validated.

Validation Type

You must set at least 1 or more validation types of the 3 available - 

The membership number check is a known number or range of numbers.

The Membership List check is a membership list that is stored in our system that you can upload using the Membership Lists function.

Check another event will check the registrant details against another event in our system. This is useful when you have a membership page setup on our system and then the person is registering for one of your races.

Day Licence Format

If validating against a membership number, you can set a broad range of numbers for the validation.

Membership List Check

Select the pre-loaded list that you wish to validate against. (1 or more)

Then you can check what items you wish to validate against as appropriate.

Membership Event Check

If you have another event on our system that has the persons details stored in it, you can check against that form ID.

Then also check certain validation options as above.

Client Recipient Funds

We can also set that the funds from the day licence value can be passed directly to another organization.

e.g. if event entry is $50 and the day licence is $10, then the $10 value can be passed directly to that separate organization as part of the weekly invoice (less our fees)

Please contact us if you would like that to be set up.

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