Pricing Membership allows you to set different prices for members and non-members.

Participants will be asked whether they are a member prior to seeing registration prices and will only be displayed the appropriate price based on their membership.

If you wish to provide a 'Discount' for members, please use the Membership Discounts tab.
If you wish to add a fee for Non Members, please use the Day Licences tab.

Set the Membership Pricing Section Label.

Set the Question that the person is asked, eg. Are you a member of XYZ ?
If they say yes and are deemed to be a "valid member", they will be shown the member price for payment.

There are three options to validate a member:
1) Format of number - eg 8 digits

2) Member List - upload a member list to compare to*

3) Another Event - compare to another form ID on our system*

If the Validation Type selected is Check member against Membership List or Another Event, you will be asked for Validation Options.
Register Now recommend you select Last Name and Date of Birth: