This is where you can type the text that appears in the “Waiver” section of the registration process.

The waiver text is entered as plain text into the event wizard and you can copy / paste text into the box.

You will now also have the option to have the wavier as just a tick box without the text appearing 

The waiver text appears after the participant details page, after the person has entered their Date Of Birth so the system then knows if they are under 18 based on your age calculation date. If they are under 18 a parent consent section shows up on the waiver page asking them who is consenting to their registration.


The parent or guardian details are requested and ensures they are over the age of 18 to agree to the waiver. These details are stored in the system so we know who has agreed to the waiver on behalf of the minor.

When testing your event you may find the wavier does not appear, try testing in another browser. For more information on this visit our How to TEST your event setup! article.