Once you have finished setting up your event and clicked 'finish' a new page will appear called "LINK", this is where you can access your registration form link:

For the full user experience and to prevent any of your existing cookies or cached details interfering with the system we recommend that you test in completely different web browser or in "incognito mode"

If you remain logged in or test in the same browser that you typically use then your experience will be limited - you won't see the waiver, optional items and participant questions.


1. Are you displaying the Landing Page? Does the landing page copy make sense are the dates and prices correct?

2. How does header and footer look?  For best resolution these logos must be - 1170px wide & a maximum of 260px high. If you want to include a background image or colours, you can use our Theme Creator to further customise your form. 

3. Registration details, how much information are you collecting?  Do you actually need it all? Are you aware that collecting information that is not required may be in breach of the privacy principles?  Only collect what you need. 

4. Categories - is everything showing as expected? If not you may need to double check the 'to' and 'from' dates.

5. If you can't move on from Event categories due to an configuration error you need to go back to the event set up and check that you have filled the prices in correctly, if they are missing you won't be able to progress!

6. Teams - if you have team, do a test team registration, make sure the default event category is showing appropriately.  If it's not go back to the setup and double check your advanced details section.

7. Award categories, did the age calculation date work logically?  Has it been updated from last year's event?!

8. When you make it to Participant Questions that means you're doing great!  Do the questions show as you intended?  Do the drop down menus makes sense?  Do you need to see all participant questions - did you know that they can be exclusive for certain categories using conditional logic - for more about how to do this check this article out!

9. Optional Items - are the sizes on the items set correctly?  This can be controlled via the variants button.  Is there an image displaying for the item? If it's skewed / warped it needs to be re-saved as a square image.

10. You should come across the waiver next, as a legally binding document this is one to go over really thoroughly, check your dates and details to ensure everything is up to scratch.  If you don't see the waiver, you may still be logged in as an administrator, refer to instructions above.

11. Payment details, do the fees and charges match up with what you've set up and communicated on your website? Are you using Amex / PayPal etc? 

12. So long as you get to the final payment page the process has worked, you can jump out now unless you want to see what your customers do - for this insight simple create a 100% Test Promo Code - you can go into your records later and withdraw the test person  so don't stress about your final data set.