If you need to change your T-Shirt or other clothing item size, then you will have received a link in your confirmation email to view your registration details.

When viewing your registration details, the clothing item may be in 1 of 2 spots.

1) Participant Question

2) Financial Summary 

1) If the clothing item was a "Participant Question", then go down to the "Event Questions" section and click the edit button next to the questions.

 - then edit the item and save your new answer.

2) If the item was an included or optional, go down to the bottom of the summary page and click the blue "Edit" button next to the item in the Financial Summary section.

 - then on the new page that opens up, you can change the size and then save the change.

The above options may or may not be visible, depending on the clients settings of the event.

The Event Organiser may not allow you to make changes and therefore the edit buttons will not be shown.

Please contact the event organiser to make changes if this is the case.