When you arrive at the payment page, you will see the available options of how you wish to pay:

If PayPal is not listed here, the event organiser has not selected PayPal as a Payment Type. 

If you select PayPal, the summary of fees will be displayed, and PayPal Checkout button:

A popup window will then appear for you to enter your PayPal account details and login.

 - you also have the option to pay by a credit or debit card via the PayPal screen.

Once logged in, you can then see the option to pay via your PayPal account balance.

If you wish to cancel and return to Register Now, you will then return to the Register Now payment screen to complete the payment.


If you have difficulty with trying to pay with PayPal, you can try using a different browser to process your payment.

If that still does not work, then unfortunately you might have to use your credit card.