If you have registered, and need to change your category choice you can do so using the following steps.

In your participant confirmation email there is a link to view your participant details. (as below) Click the link to return to your event login page. For privacy reasons, the link can't go straight to your participant summary page, so you just need to login. You can do this via one of the social media buttons, or our preferred method is to use the Login with Email or Login with Mobile. As long as you enter the email or mobile number you used to register with, we'll send you an email/sms with a 5 digit code - just pop that in on the screen and you will be logged in to your page.

You can then view your details on screen and then edit your category, if the edit button is shown to you.

Click the Edit button next to your Event Category selection (This title may change depending on the set up) -

On the next page, your current select is highlighted in blue. Choose your new selection, then click the "Continue to Review" button.

Continue onward to check any other existing event details.

You will then arrive at a summary page which details what you are changing.

 - if the new category is the same price, then there is nothing additional to pay for the event registration fee. 

 - if the new category is a higher price, then you will be asked to pay the extra value of registration.

 - if the new category is a lower price, no refund will be issued. You would need to contact the Event Organiser to request a refund.

Click the Continue button to move onto the confirmation page and to complete the change.

The above options may or may not be visible, depending on the clients settings of the event.

The Event Organiser may not allow you to make changes and therefore the edit buttons will not be shown.

Please contact the event organiser to make changes if this is the case.


Please note that you WILL need to make payment for any additional charges in order for this change to be complete.