If you are a Team Captain seeking to make edits on your Team Details, populate your team with team members, edit their details or Make payment for your team;

Please access the 'Team Summary' via the link in your 'Registration Created Email' - please search the event name or 'Register Now' in your email inbox to locate this email.

The link to access your Team details is shown as a Click Here link towards the top of the email (example below).
Once you click that link, you can then access the 3 different ways depending on your choice to then view your team details.

Once on the Team Summary page (example below) you can edit various sections of the team via the green 'Edit' buttons (note: some detail may be locked for editing by the event organiser - in this instance you may have to enquire with the event organiser to have this amended.

Additionally - if you are seeking to add/edit team members - please see the 'Team Members' section of the Team Summary. Also in this section is the 'Make Payment' button - where once your team met the minimum requirements of a team - set by the event organiser - you can click to make payment.

If you get stuck, please feel free to email the event organiser or support@registernow.com.au.