Handy Tip 1: Register Now strongly recommends each User have their own account to avoid sharing of passwords. It’s quick and easy to add additional users, see the link below.

Add another Client User to our Client Account

Handy Tip 2: If you allow the autofilling of your Username and Password from your browser or phone or 3rd party site, that URL will be different so you will have to update it when you are on the new login page.

Remember, you can still login using your Username and Password. This new feature (Simple Sign On) is just allowing you to login in one click. 

In fact, before trying to login with your social media account, it's best to log in as normal and connect your social media accounts once logged in. Follow these simple steps:

1. When you arrive at the Login Page, enter your Username and Password in the section under the Social Media accounts. 

2. Once logged in you may find yourself in the My Accounts / Client side of Register Now. To get to your User Profile, click on your name in the top right corner and select your name instead of the Client account.

3. Once in your User Profile select the My Account dropdown and select Profile.

4.. You will see 3 social media accounts that you can connect to your Register Now profile. Feel free to connect 1, 2 or all 3. This article explains this page in more detail - Register Now Profile Page