We define an Offline Payment as a payment that was taken outside of the Register Now system. 

Offline Payment options are only available for admin users of the system (event organisers) to process. Participants are unable to select an offline payment option when making a payment.

The system does allow for registrations that come under this heading by letting event organisers process payments as either Cash, Eftpos, Cheque or Complimentary payment types. 

An example that an offline payment is mostly used for is if a school was paying for a group and needed an invoice with bank details to transfer to in order to be able to make the payment. 

You would be receiving the funds outside of the system but to keep your records accurate and all in one place you can mark them as 'paid' in the system by processing the payment using one of the offline options. 

Each of the Cash / Eftpos / Cheque payment type options have the standard 3% booking fee calculated based on the charge amount. 

The Complimentary option however, has no fee implications. At Register Now we don't think it's fair to be charging you a fee for a service that you aren't receiving any income for. Aren't we the sweetest?! 

The Payment Type will show as 'Offline' in the 'PaymentTypeCode' column in relevant reports (i.e. Charge Item Report) making these types of payments easy to identify.