This is where you configure the Event Category choices for each registrant.  (For the new update on membership validation on a category level scroll down to the advanced details).

You can set 3 different tier levels as event categories, that can also be linked or not linked to the level above it.

 • Event Categories

 • Sub Categories

 • Award Categories

Here is an example of the 3 tiers and how they will appear on the event registration 

 ◦  each can have headings and choices as set by you in the event setup. 

First of all, you select if you will use Categories for your event. 

In most cases this will be 'Yes', as you will need to setup at least 1 category. Type in a text label for the section label and event category label.

Then add in the details for each event category. The event category will have a price attached to it on the "Event Prices" tab.
 ◦  type in a name and then "Add" it.

 ◦  you can have multiple event categories if there are different prices.

Please try and keep the event categories added to a minimum as this will allow more flexibility later and less payment choices. Generally, only setup an event category for each price point. You can then use either sub categories or award categories to setup age groups and other details for people to select.

You can simply type a name and then save the details, however you can also add more information.

• Description - this is a longer text description for the category and will appear next to the event category choice as extra text.
• Sort Order - this sorts the items when they are displayed.

The ADVANCED DETAILS section allows you to set more details (if required)*

• Minimum / Maximum Age - the age of the person allowed to register.

• Gender - if you only wish to allow 1 gender for the category.

• Open From / Open To Dates - can be used here, but avoid if possible. Use Pricing Periods instead.

• Maximum Participants - use this if there is a maximum quantity of people for the category.

• Sold Out - do NOT tick the box. Only tick the box if the category is full, the system sets this automatically when the maximum is reached.

• Available To - there are 5 options to define who the category is shown to. This is a powerful tool to set who the category is shown to, especially individuals and teams.

NEW FEATURE⚡Membership validation is now available on the event category level.  The benefit being that you can use this function to validate or qualify participants against other events, membership lists or membership number. Simply select yes to display the validation types available, then choose your preferred option.

Add the details into the applicable fields and then click the Add / Save button.
◦  once added, you can then edit if required.

All the Event Category choices are shown in the grid and can be edited at any time.

Keep the Event Category choices to a minimum to simplify category and pricing choices for each participant.

Show Spots Remaining
On the public registration pages, you can show / hide the "Spots Remaining". So if you have said there is a maximum of 100 spots available, then this will count down to 0 and then say "Sold Out".
You can choose to hide this countdown and thus it will not be shown to the public but still enforce the maximum quantity setting.